Evs The Artist is a young musician from Fayetteville North Carolina. He is a songwriter, musical engineer and rapper extraordinaire. Born Tavaris Evans, he graduated from Douglas Byrd High School in Fayetteville. While on the road to becoming you favorite artist he’s traveled all over the United Stated, Europe and parts of Asia. Evs the Artist is Known for his lyricism dope beats, catchy Hooks and crowd moving performances. Evs The Artist started songwriting as a young teenager but didn’t begin serious recording until his senior year in High school. More Many years Evs the Artist recorded nearly 100 songs but never released a single record. As a self-critic and man with tremendous respect for the music culture he refused to release any music until he felt he was good enough. Almost 4 years after graduating High School, he began leaking music on social networks such as MySpace and Soundcloud. In 2013 Evs the Artist was given the chance to work with some of his brothers on Major Music Group. Not long after Evs The Artist became part of the Major Music family. Evs the Artist has a Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and He is currently enrolled in a Public Relations and Marketing Program. In his spare time he likes to Travel, snowboard, and watch chick flicks. For more of Evs the Artist continue to follow the Major Music website, soundcloud.com/evs8765, Youtube search Evs8765 or on twitter @evs8765

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